We love colours. We love gems. For once, a name came easily.

Colour and Gems’ designs were inspired by the beautiful, over-sized coloured gemstones we’ve admired on royals for decades. But one thing always stood in our way when trying to emulate that style… price!

So, we decided to start our own luxuriously fashion-forward designer jewellery brand, with those very same huge, beautiful sapphires we loved, but using cultured sapphires. With grown stones, we can produce larger than life pieces that are shinier than their mined counterparts and priced right for us and you.

Perfect to light up any outfit. Bold as you want to be. Confidence in knowing your jewels will shine forever-bright and turn heads wherever you go.

We Love Colours

We love colours because they make any outfit or style pop. Also? They’re just different from the jewellery norm. Think Princess Diana’s 12-karat oval Ceylon sapphire wedding ring. It changed everything! After that, jewellery, even those pieces only for the fanciest occasions, was never the same.

We Love Big Stones

There’s just something about a cocktail ring-adorned hand grabbing… well, a cocktail! It’s the mix of colours, the spirit of fun, the desire to be loud and proud. We just love being noticed, and we imagine you’re here because you desire the same. So, what’s our take on gemstones sizes? The bigger, the better!